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#107 : Condamnés à réussir

Un accident étrange s'est produit à Eureka. En effet, un corps mutilé est retrouvé à proximité de la voiture d'une femme. Le véhicule a été pulvérisé par un objet invisible. On découvre que la victime est un employé de Global Dynamics.

Alors que Jack veut s'occuper de l'affaire, Nathan Stark la lui retire, prétendant qu'il s'agit d'un problème interne. Avec les rares éléments qui leur parviennent tout de même, Jack, Jo Lupo et Henry découvrent l'existence d'une drogue étrange que la victime aurait pu consommer.

Par ailleurs, le nouveau petit ami de Zoe, Dylan, risque lui aussi de donner du fil à retordre à Jack.


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Condamnés à réussir

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Réalisé par Jefery Levy
Ecrit par Andrew CosbyJamie Paglia

Cast: Tom Tames (Dylan Hartwell), David Quinlan (Dr. Milton Houk), Gary Sekhon (Kellor)

Brief Summary Of This Episode:
Carter discovers that a human body may have caused a car to come off worse in a collision, and suspects something is very wrong at Global Dynamics. This is confirmed when Stark orders his men to take control of the situation. Fargo is the person who discovers just how the boys in Section 5 can do so much work in so little time and decides to have a piece of it for himself.


HENRY (on the video device): Yeahhh, our minutes just about up Sheriff.
CARTER: Oh ok. Well if anybodies interested-
HENRY (on the video device): So, to recap. Traffic signals. Majors Election. Sheriff Carter. Baseball (makes an unsure hand gesture). Have a great week folks!

[Everybody continues what they were doing before the announcements]


[Stark and ALLISON are walking along a corridor]

STARK: Baseball League. I just wanna put him in my pocket.
ALLISON: Be nice Nathan. He's just trying to fit in.
STARK: Yeah, don't hold your breath.
ALLISON: Speaking of which, what's going on with the anti-missile shield array?
STARK: I got two teams working on it around the clock. I'll have you a prototype by Friday.
ALLISON: Good. The Department of Defence has invested a lot of money in that project, Nathan, they wanna see returns. Soon.
STARK: (sarcastically) Do they?
ALLISON: Just a... friendly word of advice.
STARK: So we're friends now? Well I guess that's a step in the right direction.

[There is an awkward silence]

ALLISON: (smiling) Alright, don't get too excited. I'm not running out to renew our wedding vows or anything.

[There is another awkward silence]

STARK: Well look Allison, I was thinking maybe who should-
ALLISON: So, erm, Kevin's been doing much better since he started the new drug trial.
STARK: Good. That's good.
ALLISON: Had a very positive session this morning, he's very calm, focused. It doesn't seem to be having any side-effects from the Methyl-erm...
STARK: Methylpenetratehydrochlouride. It's a mouthful, but it may be the first step to finding a cure to Autism.
ALLISON: So Kevin is definitely on the drug?
STARK: Allison, even if I knew I couldn't tell you. It's a double-blind study. I told you it would skew the results. Invalidate the trial.
ALLISON: I know. It's just that lately he's seemed more focused, connected to me - if that makes any sense?
STARK: That's what we're all hoping for.
ALLISON: Great. (she pushes a folder towards Stark) Then you'll keep me in the loop on the shield array?
STARK: Consider yourself kept.


[Carter and Zoe pull up outside the school. Zoe gets out - Carter follows suit]

CARTER: Have a good day at school. Try not to pick up any felonies.
ZOE: Ah, good pep-talk Dad.
JO (over radio): Lupo for Carter, over.

[Carter gets back into the car]

CARTER: Yeah, go ahead Jo.
JO: Nice speech. Baseball's huge here, over.
CARTER: Do you need something?
JO: I got a hit and run off Coreola's Loop. You need to see this, over.
CARTER: Copy. (he puts the radio back) Perfect.

[Carter honks the horn. Zoe turns around and Carter waves to her. She turns back around as pretending she doesn't know him]


[Carter gets out of his car and walks over to Jo and they continue walking together through the scene]

CARTER: Hey Jo, what you got?
JO: Hit and run. Says it came out of nowhere.
CARTER: You get a description of the other vehicle?
JO: No, that's just it. There is no other vehicle. Whatever hit her was on foot, and according to her - invisible.
CARTER: You give her a sobriety test?
JO: She's clean. But check this out...

[She motions towards the front of a badly damaged car]

JO: So whatta ya think hit her?

[Carter looks around and notices some damaged branches in the trees at the side of the road]

CARTER: Well, whatever it was (points at the branches), it went that way.

[They both head off into the woods]

CARTER: Any bears around here?
JO: Yeah. Never seen a bear do anything like that.
CARTER: What else could it be?

[Taggart suddenly rises up behind them with wearing night vision goggles with a bright light on. They don't notice him until he speaks]

TAGGART: Gigantopithecus Americanus.
CARTER: (blinded by the light) Ah. Taggart what the hell?
TAGGART: Shh. It could still be out there.
TAGGART: The large stride, trail of destruction, extended footprint...
CARTER: Tell me you don't mean Bigfoot?
TAGGART: I mean Gigantopithecus Americanus.
CARTER: Let's give him a sobriety test.

[Carter walks off leaving Jo with Taggart]

JO: How'd you get here so fast?
TAGGART: Heard you on my scanner.
JO: And what - you were just passing by in full cammies and night vision goggles?

[Jo gives him a funny look but accepts it]

JO: Nice.


[Carter is looking at something]

CARTER: Hey guys! Think we've found our hit and run.

[We see a mangled and bloody corpse lying in amongst the rocks. Carter, Jo and Taggart all crouch down to look at it]

JO: Is that a body?
CARTER: Not anymore...
TAGGART: He's saving the rest for later. That's how they feed.

[Carter and Jo turn their heads to look at him]





[Carter, Henry and Taggart are standing around the corpse that was discovered in the woods, which is now on a trolley]

HENRY: I've never seen anything like this before.
TAGGART: I have. It's never pretty.
CARTER: Would you stop with the Bigfoot, this is serious.
TAGGART: I take Bigfoot very seriously.
CARTER: There's no way an animal did this - real or imaginary.
HENRY: Carter's right, I mean, look these are friction burns; those are impact wounds. He's probably broken every bone in his body. It's like he fell out of an aeroplane.
CARTER: Yeah, only... horizontally.
HENRY: Exactly.
CARTER: Okay, so we know this isn't an animal attack.
TAGGART: If you buy that hypothesis.
CARTER: Yeah - I'm going out on a limb. (he discovers something in the body) Henry, what is this?

[Everybody leans in closer, including Jo who has now come over. Henry takes out a device and scans over the chip]

HENRY: That is a subcutaneous computer chip, probably biometric.
CARTER: Sorry?
HENRY: Oh erm a genetically encoded marker usually used for tracking or identification.
TAGGART: Looks like they used all the black rhino in the African bush.
JO: (sarcastically) Yeah... Just like that.
HENRY: Only this is a little bit more sophisticated than what you would find on the open market which means...
CARTER: ...that this guys either a researcher at Global Dynamics...
HENRY: ...or the research.
JO: I�ll call Stark.
CARTER: Hold on. I got a better idea.

[Carter starts dialling his cell phone]

HENRY: (to Spencer) Hey Spencer, get my pen.

[Carter hits send and waits for a response]



[Carter has called Allison. The scene switches between shots of Allison and Carter as they speak to one another]

ALLISON: (into phone) Allison Blake.
CARTER: Hey Allison, its Carter. Erm, I need a favour.
ALLISON: I thought you'd never ask. Listen, I wanna play first base. They're always putting me in right field.
CARTER: Actually, that's not why I'm calling.
ALLISON: Oh (she looks disappointed)
CARTER: There's been an accident. And it might be connected with Global Dynamics. We found a subcutaneous computer chip in a man's ribs and I need you to source it. Don't let anyone know; we're trying to do this as quiet as we can.
ALLISON: (walking into elevator) Got it.


[Stark is sitting at his desk. Fargo comes up the stairs behind him, approaches and sits opposite Stark]

STARK: You comfortable Fargo? Can I offer you a beverage?
FARGO: I haven't slept in days. My team just can't keep up. Milton's team is full of Section 5 guys; they have better materials, unlimited resources, not to mention hundred-sixty IQs.
STARK: Competition breeds excellence. Brings out the best in us.
FARGO: Yeah, tell that to Nancy Carrigan.
STARK: (pointing at Fargo) You ever wanna be considered for Section 5, you gotta be able to compete on their level. Talent... will only get you so far. Comes down to attitude.
FARGO: Yeah I got plenty of attitude. But what I don't have is a hyper velocity anti-missile shield array for the Pentagon test on Friday. Yeah but at least I'm punctual.

[Stark turns around to look at the clock. It reads 08.59]

STARK: Milton's not late yet.


[Milton is sitting at the bar. Vincent is behind it]

VINCENT: Hey Doctor Houk, aren't you going to be late for work?

[Milton turns and looks at his digital watch, which reads 08.59]

MILTON: I've got plenty of time.
VINCENT: Well, in that case let me top you-

[A strong gust of wind blows through the café. When Vincent looks at where Milton was sitting, he is gone]

VINCENT: -up... Erm...


[The elevator chimes and Milton walks out - it is still 08.59. He joins Fargo opposite Stark]

STARK: Doctor Houk. Right on time.

[The camera suddenly changes to show them walking down the stairs and around Global]

STARK: Ok Gentlemen, change of plans. The team that can deliver a working prototype by tomorrow at five gets the funding.
FARGO: But you said Friday?
MILTON: By tomorrow we'll have it in a variety of colours for you, Dr. Stark.
STARK: See what I mean Fargo. Attitude.

[Fargo and his team stop and let the others walk on]

FARGO: Ok guys. The deadline is now tomorrow, so we need to step it up, we need to get serious - but mostly, we need to cheat.


[Allison is walking along the corridors to the elevator. When the elevator doors open, Stark is stood inside]

STARK: Twice in one day. Starting to think you miss me.
ALLISON: I think its you who's missing someone.


[Carter, Henry and Taggart are still stood around the corpse]

CARTER: I'm betting the computer chip mea-
TAGGART: Shh! (long pause while he listens) Nothing.
CARTER: I'm betting the computer chip means this guy was working on something classified.

[Big black SUVs are driving around the corner towards the scene]

CARTER: I don't know what's going on, but my gut tells me it's bad.
TAGGART: (indicating the corpse) His guts should have told you that.
CARTER: Well let's hope the autopsy can give us something concrete.

[By this time, Henry had noticed the approaching SUVs. He taps Carter on the arm until he also turns around. The SUVs pull up in front of the three men. Stark and Allison get out]

STARK: I want everything packed up and moved back to Global Dynamics.
CARTER: (to Stark as he walks off) Hey!! HEY!! This is a crime scene, (to Starks men) don't touch anything. (gesturing towards Starks men as he begins his pursuit of Stark) Jo, do want to attend to this?
STARK: I appreciate your effort Sheriff, but this is a little above your pay grade which I assume you knew since you called Allison before you called me.
CARTER: (to Allison) You are soooo stuck in right field.
ALLISON: I had to tell him Carter, we have strict protocols about this.
CARTER: You're interfering in a criminal investigation and I'm the law.

[Henry is walking over to the arguing men]

STARK: This man worked in Section 5 - where I'm the law. So unless you have hard evidence of a crime, you can stop what you're doing.

[While Stark said this, Henry raised his pen above his shoulder and pressed a button. A flash went off like a camera]

STARK: Henry!
CARTER: (quietly to Allison) Deep, deep right.
HENRY: Just consider me Switzerland, you know just here packing up.
STARK: (to Carter) I respect the job you do Sheriff, I do. It just ends here.
CARTER: Oh I'm just getting started.
STARK: Be prudent Sheriff. Wouldn't want you to end up in Federal Prison.
CARTER: Yeah? Well I wouldn't want you to end up with my foot shoved up your ass-
ALLISON: Carter!
STARK: Sheriff we're grown men. I'd like to think we're a little more evolved than that.
CARTER: Well you over-estimate me.

[Carter nods at Stark and walks back towards Henry and the Corpse]

STARK: Touché.


[Carter and Jo are in the station discussing what they could do about the accident]

JO: It's out of your hands.
CARTER: There's got to be something we can do.
JO: Stark's head-honcho up at Global Dynamics; when he says jump, everyone else says what trajectory.
CARTER: Yeah, well I say... Screw him.
JO: Well he's probably saying the same thing about you. (she shrugs) Only in Latin.
CARTER: You saw the body, right? I mean there's no accident - I'm not giving up on this.
JO: Unless we can show evidence of a crime, you don't have much of a choice.
CARTER: Actually evidence of anything, Stark took it all.

[At this point, Henry walks into the station]

HENRY: Not all of it.

[Henry wiggles his pen above his shoulder]

CARTER: That's a pen.
HENRY: No, it's a portable magnetic resonance imager. I just did a quick scan (mimics his actions from the accident scene) while everybody else was distracted.

[He walks over to Carter's desk; Jo and Carter follow]

HENRY: We may not have a body, but with a little patience we are going to have a darn good three-dimensional representation.

[Henry holds the pen up and points it at the desk. He pushes a button but nothing happens. Carter whistles. Henry taps the pen on the desk and pushes the button again. This time a hologram shoots out from the pen showing the corpse lying on the desk which startles Jo and Carter]

CARTER: Henry... I could kiss you! But why don't we move this to Jo's desk.

[Carter picks his cup up off the desk]

HENRY: I'm running a reconstructive algorithm just to sort of fill in the gaps.
CARTER: How long before we get a full image?
HENRY: A few hours, maybe less once I get it back to the garage I can boost the processing power.
CARTER: Okay. In the meantime, Jo and I will try to figure out how this guy got this way.

[Henry leaves and Carter and Jo head back out to the woods]

JO: Where we going?
CARTER: Back to the woods. Odds are Stark's goons missed something.


[Stark steps into the scanner]

SECURITY SYSTEM: Access to Section 5 granted.

[Stark steps forward and waits until the door is opened. When it is, he walks into a room lit with red light where three scientists are working]

STARK: Dr Houk, a word.
MILTON: Just a few finishing touches Doctor Stark. It should be ready for test phase.
STARK: Good. Good. And your team? Everyone pulling their weight?
MILTON: I didn't want to say anything but Doctor Hawthorne wasn't up to the task so I sent him home.
STARK: When?
MILTON: Yesterday. Why?
STARK: There's been an accident.
MILTON: Hawthorne.
STARK: There anything else I should know Milton?
MILTON: Only that in spite of his shortcomings, you're gonna have a highly-sophisticated anti-missile prototype to test tomorrow.
STARK: A man died, Milton. I have bigger concerns at the moment.
MILTON: So big you want us to stop working?
STARK: I'll keep you apprised.

[Stark exits the room. We are then shown that somebody has a spy camera in the lab]

STARK: Keep up the good work.

[After Stark has left the scientists discuss what he and Milton discussed]

KELLOR: What was that about?
MILTON: Nothing. Just get back to work.
KELLOR: It's Hawthorne. Something happened.
MILTON: Let me worry about Hawthorne.

[It is revealed that Fargo is the one spying on the Scientists using a Camera-fly]

MILTON: We need to make every second count.

[He offers them a little bottle of clear liquid. They are reluctant]

MILTON: What? It's just enough to get us through the night.
KELLOR: I don't know. The side affects - they're not right with this stuff.
MILTON: One does isn't going to kill you Kellor. Not taking it might kill your career. It's your call.

[Kellor takes the bottle and opens it. He drops a few drops in his eye]

MILTON: Okay. Let's get back to work.

[Fargo uses his Camera-fly to push the bottle into the trash]


[Zoe is walking through the corridors listening to what people are talking about]

COURTNEY: Which basically means certain non-linear dynamical systems use. Extremely sensitive to initial condition-
CHEERLEADER 2: Exhibits a phenomenon known as kayos. Come on Courtney, that's a textbook definition. You've gotta take specific-

[Zoe looks confused as they go out of earshot. She then witnesses a nerd bump into a jock-type guy. Everybody thinks there's going to be trouble, and Zoe expects it from the jock]

NERD: Open your eyes meat.

[The jock bends down to pick up the Nerd's back-pack and the things that fell out of it]

JOCK: Sorry, it was an accident. You're not going to screw the next prints scores are you?
NERD: Lucky for you I'm in a forgiving mood.

[They both walk off, leaving Zoe centre screen]

ZOE: Good God, it's Nerdvana.

[The boy from the Café hears her and talks to her]

DYLAN: You have no idea.
ZOE: I dunno, you look fairly normal...
DYLAN: Well everyone's got their way of standing out. Like yelling thong in a crowded restaurant.
ZOE: Too much?
DYLAN: Erm, got my attention.
ZOE: Yeah, well thongs get everyone's attention.

[They round a corner]

DYLAN: I'm Dylan.

[He holds out his hand for a hand-shake. Zoe shakes it]

ZOE: Zoe.
DYLAN: Yeah I know, the Monday Minute.
ZOE: You did see that, hah?
DYLAN: Don't worry. I know exactly how you feel. It's a drag when people judge you by what your parents do.
ZOE: Your dads a total loser too?
DYLAN: Actually he's a nobelawyer in Chemistry. Mom's a physicist. Compared to them, I'm the loser. And I got a 4.6 GPA.
ZOE: Well, that sucks.
DYLAN: That's grown up in Eureka.
ZOE: So, I guess you're one of the brainiacs, huh?
DYLAN: Er, well I do have an internship at Global Dynamics. I hope that doesn't colour your opinion of me.
ZOE: Depends.
ZOE: Whether I can cheat off you in class...

[Zoe walks off. Dylan follows]


[Carter and Jo are looking for evidence in the woods. Carter spots something red on a tree]

CARTER: Hey Jo, do you have a knife?

[Jo pulls at her vest and reveals three knifes hidden away]

CARTER: Ask a stupid question...

[Jo hands him a knife. He uses it to remove a bloody ear from the tree and puts it in an evidence bag]

JO: Is that an ear?
CARTER: Yeaaah... (she takes the knife back) There's our evidence.


[Carter arrives. When he goes inside, Henry is looking at a simulation of what he believes happened during the accident]

CARTER: Oh hey Henry, how's it going?

[Something explodes close to them. Carter loses his hearing temporarily. Henry notices him just after]

HENRY: Jack. I'm sorry. I didn't hear you come in.
CARTER: I can't hear anything.

[Carter tries to shake it off. He notices a manikin head somewhere in the room]

CARTER: Henry, what are you doing?
HENRY: Working on a hunch. (he walks over to where the head is) A hypothesis on how our guy died and he wasn't eaten by Bigfoot.
CARTER: Yeah well tell me something I don't know?
HENRY: Okay. He tripped.
CARTER: He tripped and was hit by the car?
HENRY: No. He hit the car!
CARTER: What, was he going like five-hundred miles-an-hour?
HENRY: Five-hundred and eighty-eight miles-an-hour and he glanced off it which would explain why the car spun-out instead of being smashed on impact.
CARTER: Yeaahhh... I think I like the Bigfoot theory again.
HENRY: Here. Look, I've done numerous simulations.

[We are now shown the screen, which shows a person tripping over a car which is then thrown across the road]

HENRY: I've done mechanical ornamentation, I've done temporal manipulation, I've done biological enhancement. Only one theory makes sense. Someone, or something, turned our guy into roadrunner!
CARTER: Okay. If that something was a chemical...
HENRY: Okay.
CARTER: ...and that you could ingest. Could you test for it?
HENRY: Sure, if I had a body.

[Carter pulls the evidence bag with the ear in it out of his jacket]

CARTER: How about a body part?
HENRY: Oh, that's very good. Veeerrry good.

[Carter is still holding the manikin head]

CARTER: (about the head) Why does it look like me?
HENRY: It's generic.


[We see a bin and hear something inside it. Then the lid pops up and we learn that Fargo has found the bottle of liquid. He is covered in strips of coloured paper]

FARGO: Eureka!


[Henry is testing the ear. Carter is with him]

CARTER: Henry, do you ever actually work on cars?
HENRY: Sometimes. When it gets slow, yeah. Here look, check this out. (Henry points at the screen) See how when I broke the tissue how the ADP/ATP ratio is out of equilibrium.
CARTER: First thing I noticed.
HENRY: Not only that, this guy has highly elevated levels of cyclo-pentano-prohydro-phonantherin... (short silence while Carter wonders what exactly it is that Henry is talking about) He's been juicing!
CARTER: With what? Like, rocket fuel!?
HENRY: I don't know... But you won't find it in Barry Bonds locker.
CARTER: Could you find this in Section 5?
HENRY: (shrugs shoulders) Maybe. I'll know more once I isolate the compound.

[There is another brief pause whilst Carter thinks about what they need to do]

CARTER: Oh. Erm. Okay, okay. Let's say someone literally is speed-freaking, erm what signs would I look for?
HENRY: Besides running at 600miles an hour? Appetite, extreme thirst. Any drug that would increase the metabolic rate this much requires massive amounts of electrolytes simple and complex carbohydrates.
CARTER: Henry, you're a rock star! Can I borrow your wonder pen?
HENRY: Sure, where you going?
CARTER: (smiling) To grab a little lunch.

[Carter leaves]


[Allison and Carter are sitting having lunch together]

ALLISON: So I thought you were mad at me?
CARTER: If I was, would I be taking you out to lunch?
CARTER: Well I meant in a literal manner, yeah.
ALLISON: (they both laugh) What is this about Carter?
CARTER: Nothing, ya know... We just never hang out. What's going on with you, ya know. (waves his hand) What's going on with Allison?
ALLISON: (laughing) Okay perk top, you're a bad lier!
CARTER: I'm afraid there may be drugs involved with our John Doe's death.

[The tone of the conversation suddenly turns serious]

ALLISON: What kind of drugs?
CARTER: The kind that can make you run at mach five.
ALLISON: You sure you're not on drugs?
CARTER: Yes. Just, look for somebody eating a massive amount of food.
ALLISON: So we're looking for somebody who's hungry.

[He has a drink, without realising how silly that may sound considering they are in a crowded cafeteria at lunch]

ALLISON: In a cafeteria at lunch.
CARTER: Look, I'm not talking about a regular amount of hungry. I'm talking like post-superspeedy drug binge hungry.
ALLISON: You think Global Dynamics has a drug problem?
CARTER: I think I have a dead researcher who was juicing on something. I mean, athletes juice - right? Why not scientists?

[At that very second, all the Section 5 scientists sit down at a nearby table with a lot of food. Carter and Allison see them as they dig into the platefuls of food]

CARTER: Speaking of which. No cafeteria food's that good!

[Carter gets up to confront them, but Allison stops him and he sits back down]

ALLISON: Wait! Wait! Look, those guys are from Section 5. This has to be handled delicately.
CARTER: Trust me!

[Ignoring Allison's sigh of protest, Carter gets up anyway and goes over]

CARTER: Hey guys, hate to interrupt your lunch but I was wondering if you could help me with something.

[Carter projects the dead carcass across the table from Henry's pen. It immediately puts the scientists off their lunch and they look away, almost puking]

CARTER: I wanna know what drug this guy was on, and which one of you killed him.
KELLOR: You son of a bitch.
CARTER: (to Allison) Is that delicate enough for ya?

[She gives him a look of disproval. Stark enters the cafeteria]

STARK: Sheriff. (Carter turns the pen projector off) I'm really starting to tire of this.
CARTER: Well then, I'll make it easy on ya. Have these guys submit to a drug test.
STARK: You have evidence that they're taking something illegal?
CARTER: Well, illegal no. But that body was pumped with something from your lab. And whoever gave it to him, is looking at a possible murder charge.
STARK: Assuming that's true, erm, how do you know anybody else is taking it?
CARTER: Oh I have my reasons.
STARK: I'm listening.

[Carter pauses and looks over at Allison for help. She looks back as if to say she can't. Carter exhales deeply]

CARTER: These guys... (Carter pauses, and Stark nods him on) ...are eating waaay too much.

[There is a brief pause]

STARK: You're damning evidence as a healthy appetite?
CARTER: Well, when you put it like that it just sounds dumb.
STARK: Yeah, I know. Look, Sheriff - I'm gonna need something a little more conclusive than the munches.

[Another brief pause, during which Allison shakes her head in annoyance. A second later, they hear a whizzing sound and a blurry Fargo flies into the cafeteria. He super-speeds to the counter and grabs a large tray of food, sits down and begins eating it as if he has been starved for a month]

CARTER: That more what you had in mind?


[Carter, Stark and Allison are walking around the upper floor of Global Dynamics discussing what they can do next]

CARTER: I want him quarantined and isolated for investigation.
STARK: This is still an internal matter, Sheriff.
ALLISON: Not any more Nathan, Fargo took this from Milton's team.
STARK: Give it to me. I'll have it analyzed.
CARTER: That's evidence in an ongoing investigation.
ALLISON: Carter is right. Milton obviously knows more than he's saying.
CARTER: I'll have Henry analyze this. We can interrogate Milton's team tomorrow.
ALLISON: Why not now?
CARTER: I want to let them stew. Any drug that gets people this cranked has got to have a nasty rebound.
ALLISON: Alright, well we can put them in the decontamination chamber in Section 4.
CARTER: (Stark nods his approval) Right, perfect. (to Stark) Nice tie.

[Carter leaves]

STARK: Reeeaaaly starting to dislike that guy.


[Carter and Zoe are in the kitchen talking]

CARTER: Nah, it's just been a long day. Sarah, beer me.
SARAH: (as fridge turns around) Enjoy!
CARTER: I love this house! Do-
ZOE: Dad, this workload is insane. I mean who needs this kind of pressure. When do kids just get to be kids?
CARTER: Yeah. Hard day at school?
ZOE: Actually, I made a friend.
CARTER: That's great! What's her name?
ZOE: His name. (Carter stutters) Is Dylan.
CARTER: Aha...
ZOE: Relax, he's perfectly normal and smart. He even has a student internship at Global D.
CARTER: Since when do you like guys who are normal and smart?

[Carter takes a mouthful of beer]

SARAH: There's someone at the door.
ZOE: Since they look like him!

[She gets up to go and answer the door. It is Dylan]

CARTER: Er, Sarah we need to talk about increasing security.
SARAH: Against burglars?
CARTER: Against boys.

[Carter looks down the corridor as Zoe leads Dylan inside]

DYLAN: Wow, you guys live in a hole! I mean, it's a nice hole - it's very er post-modern Armageddon.
ZOE: (to Carter) This is Dylan.
CARTER: From the café this morning, right?

[They shake hands]

DYLAN: Yeah. But I promise my intentions are honourable.

[Carter laughs]

CARTER: It's not your intentions I'm worried about.
ZOE: (defensively) Dylan's my chemistry tutor.
DYLAN: Just helping her get a head start, you know. You need all the help you can around here, believe me.
ZOE: Famous parents, over-achiever - has issues.
CARTER: Don't we all...

[There is an awkward pause]

ZOE: Don't you have work to do?
DYLAN: Yeah, I heard about that accident. You figured out what caused it yet?
CARTER: Er... (he moves over to the counter and picks up a plastic evidence bag) We're this close (he raises his hand and leaves a small gap between his finger and thumb).
ZOE: Okay, great. Why don't you get on that, 'k?
CARTER: Alright. I'm just gonna be in the next room. (to Dylan) I have a gun, you know that, right? -
ZOE: Dad!!!
CARTER: -It's loaded.
ZOE: Leave!
CARTER: (as he starts to leave) I'm just saying.
ZOE: Now!
CARTER: Pretty good shot.

[Carter goes into the other room]


[Carter is sitting on the sofa with the evidence bag and some sheets of paper. He is leaving a voicemail for Henry]

CARTER: Hey Henry, its Carter. Look, I think I got what killed our guy, still working on the who, but I need a chemical analysis so give me a call when you get in.

[Carter hangs up. He starts writing information on the evidence bag. Suddenly a blurry person super-speeds into the living room, blowing paperwork everywhere. Carter dives off and raises his gun, searching for the assailant. The room is empty, but when he turns around he sees a message on the wall. Zoe and Dylan come downstairs]

DYLAN: What was that?
ZOE: Dad!
CARTER: Zoe, y'okay?
ZOE: Yeah, what was that?
CARTER: A warning.

[The message is then revealed - "BACK OFF!!" scribbled on the wall]


[Milton is sitting in a chair inside the decontamination chamber. We see a computer screen showing all of the scientists. Allison, Stark, Carter and Jo are stood watching Milton]

ALLISON: They're all in pretty bad shape; I almost feel sorry for them.
CARTER: Well, he's almost ready. And you're sure they were here all night?
ALLISON: Yeah, they've been under constant surveillance.
CARTER: Someone trashed my place last night. Someone moving too fast for my security camera. If it wasn't one of them, they definitely know who it was.
STARK: Maybe you should question them at some point.
CARTER: Do I tell you how to do your job?
STARK: No but that is an amusing idea.
CARTER: I'll question them when they're good and ready.

[We are again shown the computer screen]

MILTON: Let me help me. You can't keep me locked up like this. Let me out!

[He starts to shake at an alarming speed]

CARTER: Like now.

[Carter indicates to open the door. When it opens, Jo and Carter walk in. As Carter walks up to Milton, the door closes behind them. Carter hands Jo a tape recorder]

STARK: (to Allison, outside chamber) A tape recorder...? This is priceless.
CARTER: (to Milton) This is how its gonna work, Mil. I'm not gonna ask you misleading, clapper questions. Not gonna try with you - right? You work in Section 5, figured you're too smart for that.
CARTER: What is gonna happen is that I'm gonna sit right out there and watch you slowly going into withdrawal. Until every nerve in your body is on fire; until your skin is crawling and your brain is begging for whatever the hell you took. See I got a body pumped full of just God knows what and everything points to you.
MILTON: I didn't kill anybody.
CARTER: See, I need a different story. (Milton continues to shake) You got options, Milton. You have options until I head out that door. (Milton remains silent) Okay. Good luck.

[Carter begins walking towards the door]


[Carter and Jo stop and turn around]

MILTON: We were just trying to keep up. I didn't know anybody would get hurt.
CARTER: Who else is involved?
MILTON: Nobody.
CARTER: Nobody? Somebody trashed my house trying to get me to back off this investigation and you clowns were in lock-up.
MILTON: Okay! But first... You gotta know, it wasn't mmmmm-
CARTER: Wasn't what?
MILTON: -yyyyyyy

[Milton comes to a sudden halt, as if his batteries have died]

CARTER: Milton? Milton? (he approaches Milton) Wasn't what?

[Carter waves his hand in front of Milton's face. It seems like the lights are on but nobodies home. Carter, Jo, Allison and Stark look in confusion. The door opens for Carter's exit]

CARTER: I was so close.

[Again Carter holds his hand up, rounding his finger and thumb - leaving a little gap between them to show a small amount]

STARK: Must be a reaction to coming off the drug. His metabolism overcompensating forcing his neurosystem to shut down.
CARTER: Can you counteract it?
STARK: Not without knowing what exactly he was taking.
ALLISON: What did he say?
CARTER: I dunno. But my assistant might...
JO: Don't EVER call me that.
CARTER: Not you. (Carter waves for the tape recorder) Gimme.

[Jo hands Carter the tape recorder. He rewinds the tape and plays the part where Milton speaks extremely slowly. He then speeds it up]

MILTON (on tape): -misused it and so did Hawthorne. So you can't hold me responsible for his death.
ALLISON: Priceless huh?
MILTON (on tape): MPH is still experimental but when it altered like that... No one thought-

[Carter stops the tape]

STARK: I think he's talking about Methylpenetratehydrochlouride. It's an advanced form of redline.
ALLISON: (angry) That is the drug they're using on Kevin in the study!

[Carter moves closer to Milton, staring at him]

STARK: They must have altered it in the lab; changed the chemical compound positions.
CARTER: Who has access to it?
STARK: Erm, I can access the personnel files but it will be a long list. Researchers, kids, their parents, techs, student interns-
CARTER: Ho-hold it. Student Interns? One of them named Dylan?
STARK: Yes - Dylan Hartwell. He's a senior at Tesla.
CARTER: That's my daughter's boyfriend. Son of a bitch was hiding in plain sight. (brief pause while he thinks what to do) Okay, Jo - you go to the kids house, I'm hitting the school.

[Carter leaves and Jo follows]

JO: I'm on it.

[The chamber door closes after Jo and Carter go, leaving Allison and Stark to talk alone]

ALLISON: (very angry) I can't believe you did that.
STARK: Allison-
ALLISON: You convinced me to put Kevin in that study; now you've given him a drug that has killed a man.
STARK: The drug didn't kill him. Cooking it in the lab did. And I didn't give Kevin anything.
ALLISON: Oh, okay so now you're gonna try to lay the blame on someone else!?
STARK: No. I'm telling you that Kevin isn't on the drug.

[Allison is obviously confused]

STARK: He's not on MPH. He's receiving the placebo.
ALLISON: How could you know that? It's a double-blind study.
STARK: 'Cos I cheated. Look, MPH is perfectly safe when used properly, but with every new drug there's some side-affects and until we knew more I just, I couldn't risk it.
ALLISON: I just... That can't... I mean... No, he has been so different since you started that trial.
STARK: Because you're different. Any progress that Kevin has made, it's because of his relationship with you. Not because of any drug.
ALLISON: And you've known about this all this time?
STARK: I'm sorry I couldn't tell you. I just wanted what was best for him.
ALLISON: Don't lie to me again. But... thank-you.

[Allison leaves]


[Carter pulls into the school car park, car siren and lights on as he races down the drive. His tires squeal as he stops and gets out and runs into the school. He runs along corridors until he finds Zoe]

CARTER: Hey. (to Zoe) Erm, where's Dylan?
ZOE: It was one kiss during home room, relax.
CARTER: Okay, I'll freak out about that later. Right now, I need to know where Dylan is!
ZOE: Okay, I don't know - I'm not his keeper.
CARTER: Alright, come with me. Come'on. (to teacher) I'll bring a note tomorrow.


[Carter is telling Zoe about Dylan. As usual, Zoe argues]

CARTER: I'm telling you, he's using drugs.
ZOE: You know, of course you think the guy I like must be using drugs.
CARTER: He had access to the lab and he was in our house last night when it was trashed.
ZOE: What are you- Dylan was right next to me the whole time.
CARTER: This drug, MPH, he cooks it in his speed - literally! It can make you move faster than the eye can see.
ZOE: Do you realise how crazy you sound? Nobody can move that fast.

[At that very moment, Carter's door opens suddenly and he is dragged out leaving Zoe clueless]


[Zoe starts steering the car]


[Carter is lay unconscious on a rock beach. When he regains consciousness, Dylan is stood there as well]

DYLAN: Why couldn't you just leave it alone? I told you to back off! (Carter stands up) You had to keep pushing! Everybody's always pushing, all the time.
CARTER: Dylan! Where's Zoe?
DYLAN: You don't know what it's like!
CARTER: I know what it's like to be pulled from a moving vehicle! Where's my daughter?
DYLAN: I cooked the MPH so that I could keep up. They came to me, I wasn't dealing it! They said that if I helped them that they would help me, they would help me move up! You don't know I'm gonna lose my internship! You have any idea how hard that I worked for that?
CARTER: Dylan - you gotta trust me...
DYLAN: No I told Hawthorne to watch the dosage
CARTER: Okay, so it's an accident. Right? You can come back from this. As long as you don't do anything else stupid - more stupid.
DYLAN: Don't call me stupid.
CARTER: You gotta listen to me.
DYLAN: And don't tell me what to do.

[Dylan super-speeds at Carter, knocking him off his feet and stealing his gun]

CARTER: (not realising his gun is missing) Okay, you gotta stop doing that!

[Carter sees Dylan holding his gun, and moves his hand over his empty holster. Zoe comes running along the beach]

CARTER: Zoe stay put!
ZOE: Dylan!
DYLAN: Back off!
CARTER: Zoe! (Zoe stops moving) Put the gun down, Dylan.
DYLAN: Why? So I can go to jail for the rest of my life?
ZOE: Damn straight!
CARTER: Not helping!
DYLAN: I can't go to jail.
CARTER: Doesn't have to end like this.
DYLAN: I can't go to jail.
ZOE: Dylan!

[Dylan raises the gun and shoots at Carter. The gun doesn't fire so he runs at Carter, who is holding a baseball in his pocket. When Dylan starts super-speeding towards Carter, he pulls the ball out and throws it at him - hitting him on his head. The speed of the ball hitting Dylan at the speed he was travelling spins him head-over-heels and he lands at Carter's feet. Zoe runs towards her dad]

CARTER: (to unconscious Dylan) Two bits of advice - always check the safety, and never rush the mound when the pitchers got the ball.
ZOE: Dad!
CARTER: Hey. Are you okay?
ZOE: Yeah, are you?
CARTER: Yeah, well better than your boyfriend.
ZOE: (to unconscious Dylan) We are sooo broken up!
CARTER: Where's the car?

[Zoe doesn't answer]


[Stark is talking on the phone]

STARK: This is Doctor Stark. I'd like a new project given top priority. (he is holding a bottle of the modified MPH) That's right. (pause for answer) Section 5.


[The town has turned up to play or watch a game of Baseball: Eureka Style!]

ALLISON: Lighten up Carter, this was your idea!
CARTER: Don't remind me.
ALLISON: Look, I know it's not the way you pictured it, but the important thing is people are making an effort.

[She puts a helmet on Carter]

CARTER: Really. Is that what this is? An effort? (Allison laughs, Carter holds up a gadget) I call this an abomination.

[Henry is commentating, wearing special glasses that make him able to see the ball and bats]

HENRY: Well, it's a beautiful day here at Quantum field. With our very own Jack Carter. Jack Carter ladies and Gentlemen, here's Jack Carter stepping up to the plate. (the crowd applause) It's time to PLAY BALL!

[Taggart is pitcher. Zoe is in the audience]

ZOE: Woah Dad!! Come on!

[Carter steps up for his hit]

ALLISON: Batter, batter, batter, batter, batter, batter, batter, batter.
TAGGART: Crown the plate, law-dog (to himself) I dare ya!
CARTER: Aw just throw the damn ball dog-catcher.

[Carter pulls down his glasses so he can see the ball, bat and Taggart's glove]

ZOE: Go Dad, this pitchers got no game!

[The team prepares for the pitch]

HENRY: Taggart is looking for his pitch. Oh finally he sees something that he likes. Winds up the pitch!

[Taggart pitches the ball. Carter hits it long]

HENRY: Woah! He hits the ball hard!
ZOE: Woaaahhh!!!

[Fargo runs and jumps high to catch the ball]

HENRY: He caught it!

[Carter looks extremely disappointed while Fargo celebrates]

HENRY: It's the first decent big play of the game! Now THAT is what I call baseball! (laughs)

[Carter heads back, and hands Allison the bat]

ALLISON: Let the pros show you how its done!
HENRY: Allison Blake steps up to the plate.

[Taggart pitches the ball for Allison and she hits it long. Henry laughs and everybody cheers]

HENRY: And it is... out of here!

[Carter takes his cap of in protest]

HENRY: This is gonna be a hell of a game, you know what I'm talking about. A... Hell... of... a... game!
CARTER: I'll never get used to this town.




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